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Our People

Moustafa Chehade

Moustafa, who leads Sagacity EdSolutions, is passionate about education as a means of driving social change. His academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Teaching from the University of Melbourne, both completed with distinction. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Digital Learning and Teaching from Victoria University, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Educational Foundations at Al-Madinah International University in Malaysia.

Moustafa’s approach to education is shaped by his diverse experiences. He believes education should foster engaged citizens who positively impact their communities and the world. He emphasizes critical thinking, empathy, and social responsibility to empower individuals as advocates for justice, equity, and inclusivity.

Sagacity EdSolutions thrives on collaboration, working with experts and consultants to enhance professional development and learning design across various sectors. This collaborative effort informs their dynamic educational and corporate learning solutions, tailored for face-to-face, online asynchronous, synchronous, and blended learning environments.

As a lifelong learner, Moustafa continually seeks new knowledge, guiding Sagacity EdSolutions in offering innovative educational solutions. His work spans curriculum development, strategic consulting in education design, and the integration of digital learning technologies, reflecting the wide range of services provided by Sagacity EdSolutions.

Under Moustafa's guidance, Sagacity EdSolutions is committed to igniting a passion for learning and fostering social awareness. Clients partnering with Sagacity EdSolutions join a community dedicated to using education as a force for positive change, contributing to a more inclusive and enlightened society.


Book a free consultation with Moustafa to discuss how Sagacity EdSolutions can help you.

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