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School Curriculum Development

The Sagacity Cycle

Sagacity EdSolutions takes a systematic approach to school curriculum and assessment framework development that begins with a diagnosis of student and organisational needs through to curriculum and assessment framework development, followed by teacher empowerment and training and a critical evaluation of the effectiveness of the frameworks developed. The Sagacity Cycle is a dynamic approach that allows for flexibility, clients may enter the cycle from steps one through to four or they may utilise any of the services at any stage of the cycle.

The curriculum development cycle that Sagacity EdSolutions applies

Assess and Diagnose:

  • What are the school's organisational needs?

  • Who are the students and what are their needs?

  • What are the knowledge and skills the learners should gain?

Design and Develop:

  • Complete curriculum mapping in collaboration with the organisation.

  • Full assessment framework development in line with curriculum mapping.

  • Completely tailored to organisational and student needs identified in step one.

  • Full alignment between learner and organisational needs, learning objectives, assessment and instructional strategies and activites, ensuring an optimal ecosystem of learning.

Train and Empower:

  • How can we empower teachers and staff to design and develop independently?

  • How can we empower teachers and educators to implement stage two effectively?

Implement and Evaluate:

  • Implementation of curriculum and assessment.

  • Critical evaluation and review.

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